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We specialize in making a variety of haircuts for the style of any customer. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed every time, which is why we are the preferred salon for many. Make sure you are visiting the right place, and choose us! With our professional services, your requirements will met every time.

Everybody needs to feel beautiful.

Welcome to T K Hair Salon, a small but highly skilled beauty salon in Plano, Texas. We are a perfect haven for relaxation, rejuvenation and pampering. With our luxurious treatment rooms we offer a wealth of gorgeous spa, face and body treatments. Have you tried hot wax? – it’s one of our specialities for hair removal.

Make your hair more beautiful with our services

Our most relaxing beauty salon, offers you peace and tranquility whilst being treated. Come in and relax to soothing music as our therapists provide the perfect treatment.

You are in the right place if you are searching for proper hair styling services.

Just because a magazine picture looks great, that doesn’t mean that the same hairstyle will look great on you too, as everyone has a different type and texture of hair. We will show you ways to make your hair look amazing and help you create that picture perfect look you wished for.

We have been in the business for many and have served ample customers in the Plano area. Rather than sitting around looking like your pet, color and cut those locks and you will look amazing. Whether it’s extensions, highlights or low lights, we can make you look simply adorable. Call us today at (972) 517-1062 for an appointment with a professional stylist.

We are the only T K Hair Salon in Plano, so our advanced training sets us apart from all other salons. Our specialist are  giving you the best product recommendations, trendy cuts or color updates. We take pride in being the best in the business, and we promise you will leave our salon feeling your best.

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