Everything That You Need to Know about Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

According to a recent survey amongst women about the length of hair they prefer, the results were: 11% – short hair (over the shoulder’s length), 22% – medium, and 67% long. The fact that the majority of women prefer long hairstyles is a clear indication why the hair extensions industry is flourishing. Women nowadays are willing to spend hundreds of dollars in order to make their hair look longer, thicker, and healthier. But do they get the service they want from any salon?

Today, we will discuss a common hair extending method that is applied in most local beauty salons and will explain all of its benefits and drawbacks. Why are pre-bonded hair extensions the right option for you?

They should be professionally fitted, and when that job is done properly, they are expected to last up to 3 months. You can treat them as your normal hair and comb them without any specifications and you can also color them when dying your hair’s roots once they start showing up.

If you are looking for extensions that you can wear only on special occasions and want to be able to put them yourself, the clip-in option is much better. Of course, clip-in extensions have lower quality.

Pre-bonded hair extensions can be made out of natural hair and dyed by your hair stylist to match the color of your hair before attaching them. If you are searching for this option, you’d better call your hairdresser in advance and decide how to coordinate the entire process. Of course, natural virgin hair will cost you a lot more than the synthetic one, and you need to know this when planning your budget.

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