How to Get the Hair Extensions Which Will Make You Look Like a Hollywood Star

The hairstyle trends are changing almost every year, so you need to have a really professional hairdresser if you would like to stick to those trends and have the look of a modern woman. Today, we are not only going to discuss the trends when it comes only to hair extensions but the hairstyles of some fashionista celebrities in general. Here are some of the famous women of the 20th century in the US who were real trendsetters when it came to hair:

  • Jackie Kennedy (60’s). Her signature bouffant hairstyle either styled into a flipped-up bob or brushed back into a shoulder-skimming hairdo was highly requested in hair salons all over the US during that time.
  • Farrah Fawcett (70’s). She introduced the famous flipped and feathered hairstyle in the first season of Charlie’s Angels and it was more than enough to cause a revolution in the hair styling business. Women in America really went crazy over her hairstyle.
  • Julia Roberts (80’s). This beautiful actress became famous for her long flowing curly hair and her long locks. She first introduces this hairstyle in Mystic Pizza and later in Pretty Woman. It is still popular these days.
  • Jennifer Aniston (90’s). The character of Rachel that she played in Friends became the hairstyle of the 90’s. This layered and highlighted style was tried by more than 11 million women at that time. Many women now are still fascinated by this style and want to have it although long hair extensions are definitely more popular. All of the hairstyles that Jennifer has changed over the years were trendsetters. This is why she is considered one of the Hollywood’s hair icons.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow (2000‘s). She introduced the pin straight hair which not only increased the visit to hair salons for straight long hair extensions but also boosted the sales of hair-straightening irons.

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