How to Become a Good Hair Stylist

You’ve probably seen Hollywood celebrities as they walk the red carpets with their hair all glamorous and elegant. Perhaps your friend’s hair caught your attention as they sway their nice golden curls gracefully? And due to such astonishment, you ponder where they got that kind of hairstyle. This is the work of professional hair stylists like TK Hair Salon. If you’ve been inspired and is planning to become a hairstylist in┬áPlano some day, here is your complete guide to the career path.

Top notch hair stylesAbout Hairstylists
Hairstylists offer hair care services specifically designed to optimize the client’s appearance. Also known as hairdressers, these professional hold a vast selection of hair care services including cutting, dyeing, styling, and shampooing of hair. If needed, a hairstylist may also style and maintain wigs and hairpieces used by performers and artists. Some hair stylists may also perform cosmetology services like makeup and facial care, depending on where they work. Hairstylists service both men and women, yet some salons only cater to one gender. Those who solely service men clients are prominently referred to as barbers. Many hairstylists may also retail hair care and cosmetic products.

Work Environment
If you decide to become a fully-fledged hairstylist, expect to work 40 hours per week or longer if you work overtime or during your rest day. Interchanging schedules are often implemented at salons, which means one group works every M-W-F while another group works T-TH-S. Hairstylists work in a peaceful, well-lighted and well-controlled medium. A hairstylist also spends most of his/her work hours standing. Safety gear, such as face masks and gloves, are also used at all times to avoid irritations from the strong chemicals that make up most of the hair care and cosmetic products they work with.

Training and Education Requirements
In several states, a high school diploma or GED certification, at the least, is required. Licensing is also compulsory and can be secured by enrolling and completing a state-accredited cosmetology program, which is often offered by vocational schools and high schools in Plano. On-the-job training is also necessary, and is usually carried out during the coursework. During the first weeks of becoming a hairstylist trainee, you will be given light tasks. After you pass these tasks, you will be delegated more advanced and complex assignments to further your skill set and experience.

Useful Tips to Become the Best Hairstylist
Always practice your hair styling and cutting skills. If you are not working yet, find volunteers who are brave enough to have you cut and style their hair. Also, build a more professional portfolio by taking tests designed for hair stylists.