More about hair coloring

Hair coloring is one of the latest fashion crazes people are sinking their teeth into. The practice allows people to add style and a sense of uniqueness to themselves. It helps them achieve their own personal identity and acceptance from other groups and communities. Some color their hair according to their characteristics, such as red highlights to show their rebellious side or white hair to show their emotional side. Others color their hair with whatever preferred color they desire. Are you planning to color your hair? Dying hair is an exciting but scary process. One small mistake can turn into a huge disaster. Yet given enough research and proper preparation, an individual can color his/her hair successfully. Avoid turning your head into a graffiti with these tips and tricks.

Top notch hair coloringTips to Color the Hair
* First and foremost, purchase hair color products that are safe to use. The scalp is a very sensitive part. If you use hair coloring products that are too strong, you may suffer hair fall and bald spots. Buy hair dyes that are approved by the government and major health and cosmetics organizations. If you have a trusted hair expert, ask for recommendations on the best hair dye brands.
* Next, choose hair color products that are suitable for your hair type and complements your skin tone very well. Options are accessible in permanent, temporary, and semi-permanent variants, depending on how long you want the color to last.
* Then, read the guidelines and directions for use on the back of the product. Not all products have similar consistencies and may need different time frames for the color to stick. Make sure you perform the recommended strand test first to identify the approximate time frame you need to treat your hair with the coloring product.
*Unpack and wear the gloves included in the hair dye product. Combine the hair solution by gently whisking it. Most coloring products need you to include the coloring formula to a developer before shaking to get the solution.
*Start putting the color solution to your hair. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before starting the application. If your hair is wet, the solution won’t stick firmly. Start application on the hair roots and work your way down the edges. Divide your hair into parts to make sure that you adequately cover and color each strand.
*Gather your hair above your head. If the hair dye includes a free plastic head wrap, which it usually does, use it to cover your hair and lock it with a clip to prevent the plastic from unwrapping. Start timing your hair color with the time recommended on the strand test.
*Once the displayed time has passed, rinse the dye from your hair until the coloring solution is eliminated and the water becomes clear.

For expert help, consult with hair specialists likeĀ  TK Hair Salon to make sure the coloring process is conducted in a safe and efficient manner.