Not Sure What Type of Hair Extension to Get?

 Pre-bonded hair extensions can be synthetic or real and come with a bonding agent that is already applied at one end. These are used to add more length and fullness to a person’s natural hair, and they cab be cut and styled like normal hair. There are numerous kinds of extensions, like stick and nail tip or rare remy tip. And each comes in various textures and colors. Nail tip ones are also referred to as U-tip. When they are manufactured, the bonding glue is applied to one end of the extension.

 A hair salon stylist will attach the glued end to their client’s hair, with the aid of a heat connector clamp appliance. This resembles a straightening tool and comes with a built in lip that the glue tip goes into. The stylist will squeeze the top and bottom parts of the clamp together, which applies pressure for the glue to melt, which will bond with their client’s natural hair.

 Remy hair extensions are done so all the hair cuticles are in the same direction. This avoids any tangles and ensures the hair looks smoother and neater for longer. These extensions are usually more expensive and are applied the same way as nail tip extensions.

Stick tip extensions are also made with bonding glue at one end. This extension is slightly different, due to the method of attachment. A stylist uses micro rings or micro loops to adhere them onto their client’s natural hair.

Micro rings and loops are made to match a client’s natural hair color. The stylist will clamp them around the extension and natural hair and then squeeze the ring shut using a specially designed pair of pliers. The shrinkable method uses plastic rings which are used the same way but are closed using a heat clamp, thus bonding the glue and ring together.

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