What Is the Best Way to Keep Hair Extensions In?

 Fused hair extensions are fused onto a person’s natural hair using 2 different ways, these are hot and cold fusion techniques. This is done for purely aesthetic reasons, to either add more volume or more length to a person’s own hair, and it is vital to have this treatment done by a professional. They last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, and some maintenance and tightening will be needed within this time span.

 The stylist first inspects your existing hair and will advise you which method is more suitable for your hair. And depending upon what technique is used, having these extensions can be either a quick or prolonged procedure. The bonding which is used with both these methods is transparent, which means your extensions will not be noticeable.

 With the hot fusion method, hot glue will be used to fuse your natural hair to the hair extensions. This glue will be heated to a certain temperature, and then with the aid of a special glue gun applied to your hair and extension. This treatment is performed section by section and sometimes can take more than 6 hours to complete. This procedure must be performed with care and consideration in order to prevent any burning or irritation to your hair and scalp.

The cold fusion technique is far gentler upon your scalp and hair, and it works on fine hair. In place of heat and hot glue, a keratin polymer binder will be used to attach the extensions. This does create a more natural looking end result, and will last for approximately 6 months.

 Because natural hair continues to grow normally, the extensions must be re-adjusted and tightened every few weeks, which is why you should speak to your stylist regarding this, in addition to any other maintenance needs when you are at the salon. Also, it is possible to shampoo your hair and extensions using the conventional method.

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